Cado Response delivers broad coverage to ensure security teams can secure data in cloud and container environments. Whether an investigation spans multiple cloud platforms, systems and regions, Cado Response utilizes the power of automation so organizations can reduce risk and respond to cloud breaches faster.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cado empowers security experts to easily and precisely understand the root cause of incidents in AWS, the most widely-adopted cloud platform. Cado Response enables investigations of EC2 instances, cloud logs including Guard Duty, CloudTrail and AWS SSM, and Amazon’s managed Kubernetes service (AmazonEKS). Cado also supports processing numerous files systems including Amazon’s Linux XFS.


Cado delivers the visibility that’s required to identify and eliminate risk across Azure environments, regardless of its size and complexity. Cado Response enables investigations of virtual machines and disks from Azure compute. Cado supports numerous file formats including Azure’s native VHD and VHDX.


Virtualization technology has come a long way and has been great for enterprises across the board. However, the dynamic and ephemeral nature of these resources have made securing these assets challenging. Cado Response enables security teams to automate the acquisition of forensically-sound data of auto-scaling groups including containers as soon as malicious activity is detected to ensure critical information is not lost. Cado Response also parses logs from Docker and Kubernetes to ensure security teams can quickly identify and investigate compromises in containerized environments.

On Premises

Cado Response is a cloud-native solution, but also supports investigations of data captured from on-premises machines. By uploading the captured data to an Amazon S3 bucket or Azure blob and importing it into the Cado Response platform, security teams can take advantage of Cado’s scalable architecture and processing engine, and benefit from added context when analyzed alongside other valuable data sources.

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