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    Platform Integrations

    Cado Security integrates with a wide-range of tools to
    empower security teams to respond faster.

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    The Cado Advantage

    Cado Security is helping organizations around the world achieve results.

    6 X
    Faster When compared to traditional forensics tools
    48 +
    Hours Saved on event triage
    66 %
    Cost reduction Associated with investigations
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    Investigation and Response Automation

    Leverage the power of the cloud to implement a robust and repeatable investigation process.

    Embrace the Hybrid World

    Having trouble performing investigations across a dizzying mess of multi-cloud, container, serverless, SaaS, and on-premises resources? We’ve got you covered.

    Take Advantage of Cloud Speed and Scale

    Perform investigations across your entire estate in minutes, not days. Crack the case now. Why wait?

    Automate. Automate. Automate.

    Automate manual investigative tasks so your team can take on more and get to the bottom of what happened faster. Every time. 

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    We have a cloud team that takes countless manual steps to capture and process forensic data...I can't wait to go tell them I can do this in just a few clicks!

    DFIR Team Lead

    Fortune 500 US Insurance Company

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    The fact that we no longer have to manually request access to a potentially compromised system via our cloud team is a game changer.

    Incident Response Lead

    Large Financial Instutition

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    The fact that I no longer have to wait 24 hours to start a forensics investigation is game changing.

    Digital Forensics and Incident Response Manager

    Top Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

    Explore More

    Dive deeper into everything Cado Security has to offer.


    Meet the first investigation and response automation platform and see how other teams are benefiting.

    Cado Security delivers broad support across multi-cloud, container, serverless, SaaS, and on-premises environments.
    Use Cases

    Cado Security enables a number of use cases to empower global organizations to respond to threats faster.

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    Ready for more?

    Use the Cado Security platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

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