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    Managed Security Service Providers deliver cutting-edge services powered by Cado Security’s technology.

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    Your Customers Need Answers Fast

    Organizations struggle with their ability to adequately manage risk in complex environments. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) help address this need, but also require the latest technology to provide the best level of support possible. Further, with more attacks targeting cloud, container, and serverless resources, MSSPs need tools that provide insights into these environments, and quickly.

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    Embracing the Future

    Cado Security enables MSSPs to leverage cutting-edge investigation and response capabilities. With Cado, MSSPs can provide swift triage for their clients and deliver new service offerings, such as investigations in container environments. The Cado platform quickly deploys in AWS, GovCloud, Azure, or GCP and provides cross-cloud support.

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    Hear from our Customer and MSSP, Agorà Security


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    We use Cado Security for many investigations. Cado not only speeds up the process of acquisition and analysis, but it helps us by having more information to dig through and go deeper into the investigation.

    Matteo Brunati, CEO

    Agorà Security

    Top Cado Use Cases

    See how MSSPs are using the Cado platform to provide faster incident response for their clients.

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    Cross Cloud Investigations

    Respond to incidents identified in AWS, Azure, and GCP in a single pane of glass.

    Container & K8s Investigations

    Perform container investigations in environments including EKS, AKS, GKE, and Kubernetes.

    Endpoint Triage

    Automate triage acquisition of endpoint resources to gain immediate event insights and facilitate quick escalation.

    BEC Investigations

    Analyze SaaS logs alongside other critical sources to investigate compromises such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

    Cloud Detection & Response (CDR)

    Marry threat detection with forensic context to expedite response.

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    Incident Response Preparedness

    Assess your readiness to investigate and respond to threats, and establish a repeatable IR process. 

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    Use the Cado Security platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

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