The “Your Site Has Been Hacked” Scam

June 12, 2020

Today many have received an email titled “Your Site Has Been Hacked” claiming that your site had been hacked. This is a scam that’s pretty common at the moment – the scammers are blasting out the same template e-mail to millions of site owners. It doesn’t look like a particularly successful scam either – we’ve..

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An Ongoing AWS Phishing Campaign

June 11, 2020

Below we have analyzed an on-going campaign to steal AWS accounts through phishing. We’ve identified linked attacks, and outlined what attackers are doing with the stolen accounts. Lastly, we provide some recommendations on how to secure your AWS accounts against these kinds of attacks. The attack we investigated started with an e-mail sent from a..

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Recent Attacks Against Supercomputers

May 16, 2020

This morning I saw news that a Supercomputer based at the University of Edinburgh called “Archer”, currently performing analysis for Coronavirus research, had been taken offline due to a cyber-attack. Below I’ve provided some additional details on a spate of recent, likely linked, attacks. Technical Indicators Shared A number of technical reports were shared yesterday..

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