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We're building a platform to push digital forensics forward into the cloud era.

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Response Platform


We are currently building the first cloud-native forensics and response platform. Be one of the first to try it out and sign up to the beta-test.

Incident Response


A safe pair of hands. We provide you with real experience and expertise helping you investigate, respond, mitigate and recover from cyber security threats. Read More

Specialist Services


Know the threats… navigate cyber risk. Have a unique or bespoke request that needs a specific specialist touch? Contact Us to discuss more.

Response Platform

Cado Security is building a software platform for responding to cyber-security incidents and performing digital forensics.

  • We built our platform from scratch to tackle both on-premise and in-cloud incidents.
  • There is no need for you to deploy software-agents to systems.

Cyber Incident Response and Consulting

At Cado we help organisations big or small tackle cyber threats and make informed decisions, bringing clarity through times of uncertainty.

Need a specialist with years of proven experience? Then look no further.

Whether responding to disruptive criminal threats or advanced state sponsored attacks we have the unique blend of talent and experience that will help you prepare and respond to the toughest situations.

  • We can help you and your team advise boards, legal counsels or technical IT teams and everyone in between.
  • We help you connect the dots at all levels, guiding you through and out of a crisis.

% Of businesses say they can respond to a breach themselves
% Said traditional security solutions don’t work in the cloud
% Of enterprise workloads in the cloud in 2020
% Of organisations exposed atleast one cloud storage service

Nice to meet you

Meet our founders

James Campbell

James Campbell


James is a co-founder of cado security and has over 13 years experience in helping global organisations tackle sophisticated cyber espionage and criminal campaigns. James has a deep passion for cyber incident response, forensics and cyber crisis. His background includes a career in intelligence previously leading Australia’s National Incident Response capability as the Assistant Director of Operations at the Australian Signals Directorate.

After moving to the UK in 2013 James started with PwC to help build and lead the Cyber Incident Response service. As a Director within the PwC cyber practice he worked with his team on unveiling the APT10 Cloudhopper cyber espionage campaign, as well as helping many global organisations investigate, isolate and mitigate significant compromises.

James has previously spoken at various conferences, including cloudsec, crestcon, and the forensics europe expo. James has also published papers on topics such as disruptive cyber attacks, and supply chain attacks and loves to stay active in the wider cyber security community.

Chris Doman

Chris Doman


Chris is a co-founder of cado security. He joined the industry after winning a forensics and development competition run by the US DoD.

Chris is known for building the popular threat intelligence portal ThreatCrowd, which subsequently merged into the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange, later acquired by ATT.

Whilst working at PwC and ATT AlienVault in research and development, Chris published a number of widely read articles and papers on targeted cyber attacks. His research on topics such as the North Korean government’s crypto-currency theft schemes, and China’s attacks against dissident websites, have been widely discussed in the media. He has given interviews to print, radio and TV such as CNN and BBC News.