Remediate Every Incident

Cado is revolutionizing forensics and incident response for the cloud. Use the Cado platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

Overdue for Evolution

The introduction of cloud, container and serverless architecture has fundamentally changed the way attacks and adversaries operate. Old school, legacy technology doesn’t cut it. Stop wasting cycles on tedious, manual investigations. Doing nothing isn’t an option. Stop closing incidents without the full picture. The skills gap is real. Stop expecting your security experts to be cloud experts. It’s time we evolve.  

Cloud Scale

Multi-cloud environment? Complex infrastructure with countless accounts, systems and regions? No problem.

Cloud Speed

Analyze data in minutes, not days. Crack the case now. Why wait?

Cloud Visibility

Gain forensic-level detail to understand the full impact of cloud incidents. No agents required.

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