Deep forensic analysis for cloud, container, and on-premise systems. 
Reduce the financial and legal impact of breaches. 
Respond Faster

​Significantly reduce the financial and legal risks of a security breach when you respond faster. 

Cado Response can automatically raise business risks and issues to an analyst, so they can escalate quickly to management and ensure you meet mandatory breach notification deadlines.

Supercharge Analysis

Empower your analysts to find the true root cause of a security incident. Cado Response provides detailed detection for malicious files, suspicious events, PII, and financial information.

Every file on disk and log you capture is indexed and inspected to accelerate analysis.  The human-readable timeline of key events empowers analysts of all skill levels to pivot faster and dig deeper.

Secure Evidence

Cloud systems disappear quickly. Automated data collection allows you to secure incident data safely before it is gone.


The Cado Response platform removes the need for physical intervention and allows a global workforce to work remotely and collaboratively.


How it Works

Cloud & Container Native

  • Cado Response performs a full forensic acquisition and analysis of on-premise, cloud (AWS EC2) and containerised systems (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift. AWS Fargate). Extending to Azure soon.

  • No-agents are required - we are not an EDR solution. We keep a chain of custody, and ensure forensic data is safe, meeting legal compliance.

  • Export data, even full system images that are captured in the cloud. Enable your whole forensic tooling arsenal.

Powerful Processing

  • The Cado Response platform scales, whether capturing and processing data for 1 or 100 systems.

  • Be confident that your investigators will be getting the answers in a fraction of the usual time.

  • Cado Response automatically builds a timeline of key events from a deep analysis of a full forensic copy of a system.

  • We index the full contents of systems and our offline processing enables us to perform intensive analysis without any impact on systems. We detect malware, suspicious events, PII risks and more through a combination of full-content inspection, log parsing, event correlation and machine learning models.

Collaboration & Playbooks

  • Remote data collection and processing through a central interface means analysts can collaborate from anywhere, anytime

  • Detailed playbooks to guide your analysis.


Our Research

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