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    Cado Security Solutions

    Security teams across the globe rely on Cado Security to respond to threats faster.

    Meet the First Investigation and Response Automation Platform

    Rapidly Deploy
    Deployment via a cloudformation template or terraform script happens in minutes. You choose: Deploy in AWS, GovCloud, Azure, or GCP. All collected data resides in your cloud environment to ensure unique data privacy requirements are met.
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    Better Understand Risk
    Cado Security offers the speed, adaptability, and depth required to appropriately understand and manage risk across complex, hybrid environments. Cado delivers the visibility security teams need across cloud, container, serverless, SaaS, and on-premises environments.
    Reduce MTTR
    Automation is applied to the end-to-end investigation and response process – from data capture to processing and analysis. With Cado Security, security teams get to the root cause and scope of malicious activity faster, drastically reducing response times.

    Top Cado Use Cases

    See how security teams are using the Cado platform as a revolutionary investigation tool.

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    Cross Cloud Investigations

    Investigate incidents identified in AWS, Azure, and GCP in a single pane of glass.

    Container & K8s Investigations

    Perform container investigations in environments including EKS, AKS, GKE, and Kubernetes.

    Endpoint Triage

    Automate triage acquisition of endpoint resources to gain immediate event insights and facilitate quick escalation.

    BEC Investigations

    Analyze SaaS logs alongside other critical sources to investigate compromises such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

    Attack Containment
    Perform response actions including stopping, containing, and isolating systems to prevent damage and spread.
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    Incident Response Preparedness
    Assess your readiness to investigate and respond to threats, and establish a repeatable IR process. 

    Cado Security for…

    Cado Security isn’t a one size fits all solution. The platform is adaptable and customizable to meet various requirements and needs.

    Cado for…

    Empower your team to do more advanced work than ever before with built-in automation and powerful analytics.

    Cado for…

    Your customers need answers fast. Leverage next-generation technology for investigation and response.

    Cado for...

    Your customers trust you to bring them the latest & greatest. That includes investigation and response tooling. 

    Cado for...

    Government agencies have special requirements. Cado helps you respond faster without compromising on security.

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    Use the Cado Security platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

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