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    Cado Security tailored for government use cases and environments.

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    Special Requirements Needed

    Nation-state attacks are increasing in frequency and complexity, and new techniques are being employed to target hybrid infrastructure. Traditional tools and approaches for performing investigations are manual and too slow to keep up with present day attacks. Government organizations require the best security solutions available that provide automation and efficiency, especially when dealing with incidents in the cloud.

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    Never Compromise on Security

    Cado Security enables government agencies to automate as much of the investigation process as possible. Deployed in AWS GovCloud, Cado delivers deep insights into risk quickly and securely. With Cado, government agencies can extend their incident response program to cloud, container, serverless, and SaaS environments.

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    Top Cado Use Cases

    See how government agencies are using the Cado platform as a revolutionary investigation and response tool.

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    Cross Cloud Investigations

    Respond to incidents identified in AWS, Azure, and GCP in a single pane of glass.

    Container & K8s Investigations

    Perform container investigations in environments including EKS, AKS, GKE, and Kubernetes.

    Endpoint Triage

    Automate triage acquisition of endpoint resources to gain immediate event insights and facilitate quick escalation.

    BEC Investigations

    Analyze SaaS logs alongside other critical sources to investigate compromises such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

    Attack Containment

    Perform response actions including stopping, containing, and isolating systems to prevent damage and spread.

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    Incident Response Preparedness

    Assess your readiness to investigate and respond to threats, and establish a repeatable IR process. 

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    Use the Cado Security platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

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