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    Use Case

    Incident Response Preparedness

    Assess your readiness to investigate and respond to threats, and establish a repeatable incident response process.

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    It’s When, Not If

    Being impacted by an incident is a ‘when’, not ‘if’ situation. Still, many organizations find themselves constantly in a reactive mode, chasing alerts without an opportunity to pause and evaluate the effectiveness of their incident response program. As a result, it is often during the heat of an investigation when security teams discover major gaps.

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    Preparation is Key

    Cado Security enables organizations to embrace a proactive approach to incident response. With Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard, security teams can proactively run readiness checks, get a readiness score, understand trends over time, and mitigate issues that could prevent the organization from rapidly investigating and responding to active threats.

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    Hear from our Customer, Agorà Security


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    I can now confidently say I know what’s going on in my cloud.

    Cyber Security Incident Response Manager

    Global Media Company

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    After testing out the product, the decision to purchase was a no brainer. Cado makes things simple.

    Director, Incident Response

    Large Video Gaming Company

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    The Cado Advantage

    Cado Security is helping organizations perform incident response forensics around the world.

    6 x
    Faster When compared to traditional forensics tools
    48 +
    Hours Saved on event triage
    66 %
    Cost reduction Associated with investigations
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    Explore other ways security teams are using the Cado platform to advance their mission.

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    Cross Cloud Investigations

    Respond to incidents identified in AWS, Azure, and GCP in a single pane of glass.

    Container & K8s Investigations

    Perform container investigations in environments including EKS, AKS, GKE, and Kubernetes.

    Endpoint Triage

    Automate triage acquisition of endpoint resources to gain immediate event insights and facilitate quick escalation.

    BEC Investigations

    Analyze SaaS logs alongside other critical sources to investigate compromises such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

    Cloud Detection & Response (CDR)

    Marry threat detection with automated forensic collection and investigation to expedite response to cloud threats. 

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    Ready for more?

    Use the Cado Security platform to investigate any system. Anywhere. Anytime.

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