Careers at Cado Security

Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Cado Security is where passionate people work on missions that matter. Collaborate with the industry’s best. Flex your skills. Make a real impact. 

The Mission

We founded Cado to push the boundaries of what’s possible. As security practitioners ourselves, we saw a need for a smarter way to mitigate cloud threats. Since our inception, we’ve been working tirelessly to empower security teams to investigate and respond at cloud speed.

The Culture

Our goal is to create an environment that pushes employees to be their best and do their best. We take risks and never shy away from failure. We celebrate successes, big and small. We believe that we’re better together than as individuals. Cado employees have a lot of ideas and no ego.

The Values

No B.S.

No politics. No games. We’re not getting distracted from our goal – to secure the cloud.


Trust is the glue that holds people together. We act with integrity. We’re open. We’re honest.

Customer Crazed

We’re obsessed with solving our customer’s complex business problems. They can always count on us to go the extra mile.


We’re planting the flag. We move fast. We exceed deadlines. And that’s pretty exciting.


There’s no difference between your “work self” and “home self” at Cado. Just be yourself.


We choose excellence over ego. We’re all grinding toward the same goal. Success is only achieved together.

Cado Security’s passion and purpose does not end with our goal to secure the cloud, we are also dedicated to caring for people and the planet and weaving the values we stand for into our business objectives.

The Opportunities

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