Cloud security is more
than just prevention

There are plenty of solutions that identify security gaps and attempt to keep the bad guys out. Let’s face it – there are always gaps and the bad guys keep getting in. We founded Cado Security to enable security teams to quickly understand and respond to cloud threats without delays or headaches. Find out how we’re planting the flag in cloud investigation and response.

Why We’re Here

Security teams shouldn’t have to compromise. You should be able to do things right, and do things fast. Yet when a cyber incident occurs in the cloud today, security teams face a number of obstacles that lead to delays in incident response. Access to the data required for an in-depth investigation is often managed by another team and can take days to manually acquire. Worse, evidence may reside in ephemeral resources and disappear in the blink of an eye. We founded Cado Security to empower security teams with a smarter and faster way to investigate and respond to cyber incidents in the cloud.

Our Mission

Empower security teams with a smarter and faster way to investigate and respond to cyber incidents in the cloud.

Our Vision

Accelerate the transformation of security operations by leveraging the unprecedented scale and speed of the cloud. 

What Security Experts Are Saying

- DFIR Team Lead, Fortune 500 US Insurance Company

We have a cloud team that takes countless manual steps to capture and process forensic data…I can’t wait to go to them and tell them I can do this in just a few clicks!

- Matt Georgy, CTO at Redacted

We use Cado Response to level the playing field by enabling our analysts to move faster than the attackers in investigating malicious activity in the cloud. Cado’s platform is not only modern and scalable, but it also can ensure all legal and regulatory compliance standards have been met.

- Digital Forensics and Incident Response Manager, Top Cyber Security Consulting Firm

The fact that I no longer have to wait 24 hours to start a forensics investigation is game changing.

- DFIR Director, Top Five Global Consulting Firm

Cado is the only solution I know that supports Kubernetes and cloud. They’re changing the way we do forensics.

- CISO, Top Five Financial Institution

We’ve invested a lot in containerization. From a management perspective, it’s great. From a security perspective, I have zero visibility.

The Cado Difference

Purpose Built
For Cloud

Cado enables forensic investigations across complex & multi-cloud environments. It’s the only solution that enables deep-dive container investigations.

Forensic-Level Detail

The end of forensics as you know it. Automation means you can effortlessly dive deep.


Cado’s patent-pending architecture processes massive amounts of disparate data in minutes. No agents required.

Security Team

With a complete timeline of events, analysts of all levels can perform incident response in the cloud. Designed for collaboration, analysts can crack the case together.

Who We Are


Expert practitioners. Forensics pioneers. Thought leaders. We’re a passionate group driven by a better way to investigate and respond to cyber incidents. We understand what today’s teams need because we’ve experienced the very same challenges. Learn more about our backgrounds and meet the team you’ll be working with.

Join Our Team

Do you actively seek out challenges? Do you get excited about pushing the boundaries and going where nobody else dares? Then Cado is the place for you. Check out our current career opportunities.