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    Cado Incident Readiness Dashboard: Comprehensive Cloud Incident Response Preparedness

    In today's dynamic digital landscape, the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, containers, and serverless resources has brought unprecedented flexibility and scalability to organizations. However, this technological evolution has also given rise to new challenges in terms of incident response and cybersecurity preparedness. Cado Security recognizes the importance of simplifying incident response in the cloud and is excited to introduce its Incident Readiness Dashboard to help organizations take a proactive approach to investigation and response in the cloud. 

    Navigating the Complexity of Cloud Security

    Being impacted by an incident is a ‘when, not if’ situation, so ensuring your organization is prepared to investigate and respond to potential cloud threats is vital to appropriately managing risk. However, the rapid migration to cloud-based, container-based and serverless technologies has had security teams playing catch up, with little to no visibility into these new environments. What’s more, is that a majority of organizaitons today are adopting more than one cloud provider which means security teams have to deal with so many different services and data sources, further complicating investigations as a majority of logs aren’t turned on by default. 

    A proactive approach to cloud incident response enables security teams to understand whether they are prepared to quickly investigate and respond to threats before an incident occurs. This ensures that when an incident does occur, analysts will have the ability to quickly identify the root cause and remediate the threat. Being proactive also enables security teams to continuously improve their incident response program by preemptively identifying and mitigating any existing gaps not to waste value time during the heat of an incident. 

    Cado Incident Readiness Dashboard: Your Roadmap to Preparedness

    The Cado Platform’s Incident Readiness Dashboard provides security teams with the ability to proactively run readiness checks, see readiness trends over time, and identify issues that could prevent the organization from rapidly responding to active threats.

    Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard

    Cado’s new readiness features allow customers to proactively and regularly understand their risk posture and invest in incident readiness improvements based on actionable insights. Cado’s readiness score is based on several factors, including whether the organization is able to acquire critical forensic evidence across its cloud environment. 

    Here are some critical questions that Cado's Incident Readiness Dashboard addresses:

    1. Are the Right Cloud-Native Tools Enabled?

    Logging, management agents, and other cloud-native tools are pivotal for incident detection and response. Cado’s Incident Readiness Checks ensure that your organization has these tools appropriately configured and operational.

    2. Do You Have the Right Permissions?

    Cross-cloud, cross-region, and cross-account permissions are vital to acquiring and responding to incidents effectively. Cado's Incident Readiness Checks verify that your permissions are aligned with best practices and are capable of supporting your incident response efforts.

    3. Do You Have the Ability to Decrypt Critical Evidence?

    Decrypting encrypted data is often essential to gaining insights during an incident investigation. Cado's Incident Readiness Checks ascertain that your infrastructure is equipped to decrypt critical evidence when necessary.

    Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard empowers organizations to proactively assess their level of preparedness when it comes to investigating and responding to cloud-based incidents. In a landscape where the stakes are high, and the threats are ever-evolving, Cado's Incident Readiness Dashboard offers a beacon of confidence. Cado empowers security teams to more seamlessly navigate the complexities of cloud security, while ensuring their incident response program is robust and continuously evolving for the modern digital era. Check out a short demonstration of the Dashboard here:

    Interested in learning more about Cado’s Incident Readiness features? Request a demo today.

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