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    Enhance Incident Response in GCP: Introducing Cado’s GCP Incident Response Playbook

    Tackling incidents in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) demands knowledge, tools, and preparedness. Cado’s GCP Incident Response Playbook includes best practices and tips to empower security teams to navigate and mitigate security incidents within GCP.

    What Does the Playbook Offer?

    Cado’s GCP Incident Response Playbook covers essential strategies and tactics for handling security incidents within GCP. Here's a peak into some highlights:

    • Tips for incident preparedness: Proactive measures security teams can take to ensure data protection, network security, encryption, and adequate log management.
    • Investigation and response guidance: Structured guidance on team setup, understanding the environment, data collection, investigation, containment, and remediation.
    • Service-Specific Advice: Guidance for investigating various GCP services, such as Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Storage.
    • Post-mortem analysis and recommendations for continuous improvement: The significance of post-incident evaluations and continuous learning for enhanced incident response in the future.
    • Important tools for GCP incident response: Open-source tools that can help aid  forensics investigations, threat monitoring, audits, and infrastructure mapping within GCP.

    Other Resources 

    In addition to the GCP playbook, we also recently launched a GCP Cheat Sheet, which provides an overview of key best practices, data sources and tools that security teams should have at their disposal when responding to an incident in a GCP environment. If you have a multi-cloud environment, you can also feel free to take advantage of our other incident response Playbooks and cheat sheets:

    Leveraging the Power of the Cado Platform

    Interested in learning more about how Cado is advancing cloud forensics and incident response? Request a demo today to see the platform in action. 

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