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    Empowering Incident Response in GCP: Cado’s GCP Cheat Sheet

    Managing diverse data sources, commands, and tools across Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) has become increasingly complex. For those navigating incidents detected within Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cado Security introduces an invaluable aid - its GCP Cheat Sheet.

    The Incident Response GCP Cheat Sheet

    Designed as a go-to reference, the GCP Cheat Sheet covers key best practices, essential data sources, and imperative tools crucial for incident response within a GCP environment. Here are some highlights of what’s included:

    • Authentication Commands: Guidance on initiating OAuth 2.0 authorization flows and setting default projects.
    • Cloud Storage Commands: Essential commands for listing, copying, and deleting objects in Cloud Storage.
    • Compute Engine Operations: Commands for managing and accessing Compute Engine instances via SSH.
    • Cloud Logging and Monitoring: Logging, reading recent log entries, and accessing Cloud Monitoring dashboards.
    • Cloud IAM and VPC Networking: Managing IAM policies, roles, and VPC networking configurations.
    • Cloud Functions, DNS, Identity Platform, and Security Command Center: Operations related to these crucial services.
    • Insights on GCP Audit Logs: Breakdown and categorization of Google Cloud audit logs, highlighting various log categories and their significance.

    Open Source Tools for Incident Response in GCP

    Apart from covering Google's native security tools, the cheat sheet also features a curated list of community-created open-source tools. These tools, ranging from Cloud Forensic Utils to Security Monkey, offer additional support for incident response, audits, monitoring, and infrastructure mapping within GCP.

    Cado Security: Pioneering Cloud Forensics and Incident Response in GCP Environments

    Cado Security’s cutting-edge cloud forensics and incident response platform now supports native GCP deployment while also delivering the ability to analyze evidence acquired cross cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) in a single pane of glass. The Cado platform is also now available through Google Cloud Marketplace.  Cado  automates the end-to-end incident response process enabling security teams to efficiently respond to threats detected in multi-cloud, container, and serverless environments. 

    Explore the Cado Platform 

    Interested in learning more about how Cado is advancing cloud forensics and incident response? Request a demo today to see the platform in action. 

    Other Resources 

    Cado Security is excited to launch its latest incident response cheat sheet for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. The  GCP Cheat Sheet provides an overview of key best practices, data sources and tools that security teams should have at their disposal when responding to an incident in a GCP environment.

    Have a multi-cloud environment? Take advantage of our other incident response cheat sheet for AWS and Azure.

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