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    Cado Security Unveils Cross Cloud Support to Streamline Cloud Investigations

    Unprecedented Visibility Across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Environments

    LONDON – June 20, 2022 – Cado Securityprovider of the cloud investigation platform, today announced cross cloud support, enabling security teams to swiftly investigate incidents across multi-cloud environments in a single platform. With cross cloud support, security teams gain unprecedented visibility and context across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments to investigate and respond to threats at cloud speed.

    Institutions such as the European Banking Union and FINRA have pushed for members to take a multi-cloud approach, with the European Banking Union urging members to consider concentration risk and avoid “a dominant service provider that is not easily substitutable.” In turn, enterprises have embraced multi-cloud strategies to adhere to evolving regulations, manage risk and enhance resiliency. 

    Managing multiple clouds introduces added complexity – especially for security teams. Each cloud provider has its own terminology, tools, monitoring logs, and APIs. With 76% of companies adopting multi-cloud infrastructure according to Gartner, it’s critical that security teams have the ability to investigate and respond efficiently. Cado Security simplifies investigations spanning multiple cloud environments, delivering forensic-level detail without forensic-level effort.

    “Today’s attackers don’t work in silos. Investigations often span multiple cloud platforms, systems, and regions,” said James Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder, Cado Security. “It’s critical that security teams have full visibility across their entire cloud estate to be able to grasp the full scope of an incident and ensure proper containment and remediation. Cado Security makes that possible.”

    The Cado Response platform unifies data captured across multiple cloud platforms in a single timeline so that security teams can seamlessly dive into important data, identify incident root cause, and respond efficiently. With its patent pending architecture and wide range of support across cloud servers, containers, and serverless environments, only Cado empowers security teams to investigate and respond at cloud speed. 

    To learn more about how the Cado Response platform provides unprecedented visibility and context to simplify cloud investigation and response, visit: 

    About Cado Security

    Cado Security provides the cloud investigation platform that empowers security teams to respond to threats at cloud speed. By automating data capture and processing across cloud and container environments, Cado Response effortlessly delivers forensic-level detail and unprecedented context to simplify cloud investigation and response. Backed by Blossom Capital and Ten Eleven Ventures, Cado Security has offices in the United States and United Kingdom. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @cadosecurity.

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