The First Cloud Forensics and
Incident Response Platform

While there has been significant investment in cloud prevention and detection, when it comes to incident response, there is a huge gap. Once something bad is identified, organizations often don’t have the ability to understand the true scope, impact and root cause of an incident. Cado is the first platform to deliver this critical capability by enabling security teams to efficiently perform forensics and incident response in the cloud.

Truth at
Cloud Speed

Limitations on time and tools are preventing good security teams from becoming great. You can only dig as deep as your tools let you go. You can only investigate within the timeframe you’ve got. Analysts want tools that fix problems rather than add frustration to them. As more data moves to the cloud and more threats target cloud environments, it’s critical that security teams have the ability to respond efficiently. 

Cado Security empowers security teams with a robust platform that helps them get to the bottom of what happened. With Cado, what used to take analysts days, now takes minutes. Automate data collection. Process data at cloud speed. Analyze with purpose. No confusion, no complexity. That’s the Cado way.

What You Can Do

Find out how Cado can help your security team do more, faster.

Cross Cloud Investigations

Investigate incidents identified in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a single pane of glass.


Perform forensics and incident response in container environments including EKS, AKS, and Kubernetes.

Triage & Full Disk Acquisition

Automate triage acquisition and full volume captures of cloud resources for immediate investigation.


Ensure evidence residing in ephemeral environments is immediately captured and preserved before it disappears.


Perform remediation actions including stopping, containing or isolating cloud instances to prevent damage and spread.

Incident Response Preparedness

Assess your level of preparedness to properly identify, preserve and analyze incident evidence.

Platform Features

The Cado platform leverages the scale, speed and automation of the cloud to expedite investigation and response.

Broad Coverage

Investigate hundreds of data sources across cloud-provider logs, disk, memory and more

Parallel Processing

Process massive amounts of disparate data in minutes with Cado’s patent-pending technology

Collaborative Investigations

Work together on a single or multiple investigations at once, from anywhere

Ruthless Automation

Automatically surface key incident details including root cause, compromised roles and assets, a complete timeline of events and more

Customizable Platform

Make the Cado platform your own with user-customizable rulesets and reporting

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Incident response in the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. Only Cado enables security teams to investigate and respond at cloud speed. Request a demo today.