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    Elevate Cloud Security with Cloud Investigation & Response Automation

    In today's digital landscape, where more than 60% of corporate data is stored in the cloud, the allure of cloud computing is undeniable. It promises speed, agility, cost-efficiency, and more. However, this shift to the cloud has raised new cybersecurity challenges, particularly in forensics and incident response.

    Introducing Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA)

    Our latest white paper highlights five compelling reasons why organizations should embrace Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA) to bolster their cloud security posture. CIRA is an emerging category, recently defined by Gartner and included in their 2023 Hype Cycle for Workload and Network Security, that is transforming the way organizations address cloud security challenges associated with collecting and analyzing forensic data within cloud environments.

    Tackling Cloud Complexity with Automation

    The cloud introduces complexity that traditional security approaches struggle to handle. Cloud VMs, containers, and serverless functions can be elusive, making incident investigation a daunting task. CIRA simplifies cloud incident investigations by automating data collection and analysis across multi-cloud environments, delivering the depth security teams need to effectively respond to potential threats. 

    Navigating Evolving Regulations

    New regulations like GDPR Art. 33 and the SEC's breach notification rules demand swift incident response. CIRA ensures organizations can collect and store evidence in compliance with legal requirements, adapting seamlessly to changing regulations.

    Confronting Rising Cloud Threats

    Threat actors are capitalizing on the move to the cloud, as seen in both the recent Microsoft compromise and Cado Security Labs' discovery of Denonia, the first Malware to target AWS lambda instances. CIRA empowers security teams to stay ahead of evolving cloud-based attack techniques by providing deep visibility and rapid response capabilities.

    Multi-Cloud Management

    As most organizations today use multiple cloud providers, data silos and the cyber security skill gaps have become significant challenges. CIRA addresses these issues by automating data collection across diverse clouds, simplifying investigations in a single pane of glass, and enhancing overall coverage, as highlighted in Gartner's research.

    Making Investigations in Ephemeral Environments Possible

    Ephemeral resources in cloud, container, and serverless environments pose a significant challenge. If data is not captured fast enough, it's simply gone, leaving security and DFIR teams with nothing to work with. Unfortunately without this critical evidence, it's impossible to know what happened, never mind identify the root cause. CIRA automates data capture, ensuring critical evidence is preserved even in rapidly changing environments, a critical aspect (and benefit) of the modern cloud environment.

    How Cado Delivers CIRA

    The Cado Platform is purpose-built to address the unique challenges of cloud incident response. Cado automates the entire incident investigation process, from data collection and processing to root cause analysis and containment, making forensics and incident response more accessible to security analysts of all levels. With Cado's CIRA capabilities, security teams can:

    • Perform forensic data collection and analysis across multi-cloud environments

    • Preserve evidence acquired across dynamic and ephemeral resources

    •  Investigate various data sources acquired from both cloud resources and logs

    • Automate remediation actions to enable rapid response

    Cado streamlines cloud incident response, enabling security teams to harness the power of cloud speed and automation to reduce cloud complexity. By automating key investigative tasks, Cado ensures faster incident resolution and enhanced security in dynamic cloud environments.

    For more information on how organizations are benefiting from implementing Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA) technologies, download the white paper here.


    Ready to enhance your organization's cloud security and incident response strategy? Contact us to schedule a demo to discover how Cado, recognized by Gartner, can be your ally in elevating cloud security.

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