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    Ease Your Search for Cloud Security Experts with CIRA

    The rapid migration to the cloud has introduced new challenges for security teams. The volume of alerts coupled with the complexity of the cloud has made it extremely difficult for security analysts to strike the right balance between investigating enough and moving on to the next problem. Further exasperating this challenge is the cyber security skills shortage.With a global shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity professionals, organizations are faced with the challenge of hiring top security talent amidst a supply dilemma. Further, in an era dominated by cloud technology, orgranizations are burdened by the additional complexity of seeking talent that possess deep cloud knowledge on top of everything else. 

    Can CIRA Close the Gap?

    CIRA (Cloud Investigation and Response Automation) aims to streamline the end-to-end incident response process so that security analysts aren’t required to have deep cloud or DFIR expertise. While having a basic understanding of cloud systems is a necessity for incident response work, it is unrealistic for one person to master all the aspects required to respond to incidents across multi-cloud environments, and with more organizations adopting multi cloud strategies this is becoming a more common problem. AWS alone has over 200 products/services. Each Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has their own unique security practices and data sources, and it can be nearly impossible for analysts to keep up.

    CIRA Presents Incident Data in a Single Pane

    CIRA platforms automatically collect hundreds of cloud-based data sources. This approach empowers analysts to overcome common access obstacles. With CIRA solutions, the need to manually request access to potentially-compromised resources is eliminated, saving analysts hours to days of valuable time. Further, with CIRA technology, analysts don’t have to wrestle with writing complicated scripts to integrate with cloud platform APIs, which requires extensive provider knowledge and scripting skills. In terms of automation, CIRA technologies don’t stop there – automation is applied to the  entire investigation and response pipeline, covering acquisition, processing, analysis, and response. CIRA technologies then unify collected data, simplifying the investigation of cloud-provider logs, disk, memory, and more.

    How can Cado help?

    Cado is a CIRA platform that aims to automate as much of the incident response as possible, from data capture to root cause analysis and remediation. Cado's modern approach to incident response delivers efficient collection, processing, and storage of incident evidence while supporting collaboration. It offers rapid access to detailed forensic data in various environments like multi-cloud, containers, and serverless setups, without analysts needing deep cloud-specific skills and knowledge to utilize the platform. Cado empowers security analysts of all levels by highlighting key incident details and supports automated attack containment.

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