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    Cado Security Now Supports Importing Data from AWS Infinidash

    Cado Security is the provider of the first cloud forensics and incident response platform. By leveraging the scale and speed of the cloud, the Cado platform automates forensic-level data capture and processing across cloud, container, and serverless environments.

    AWS Infinidash is a new service that everyone is talking about. It is a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed networking layer that enables bi-directional communication between any two endpoints on the internet. It also provides advanced features such as adaptive routing, dynamic load balancing and end-to-end encryption.

    In this blog post, we are excited to announce that Cado Security now supports importing data from AWS Infinidash for forensic analysis and incident response. This means that you can easily capture and process forensic data from any source or destination using AWS Infinidash - in just a few clicks.

    The Cado platform import page now supports data imports from AWS Infinidash
    The Cado platform import page, now featuring Infinidash

    Why AWS Infinidash?

    AWS Infinidash is a game-changer for cloud networking. It offers unprecedented performance, reliability, security, and flexibility for any use case. Whether you need to stream video content, transfer large files, host multiplayer games, or connect IoT devices, AWS Infinidash can handle it all!

    Benefits of using AWS Infinidash include:

    • Low latency: AWS Infinidash uses a proprietary protocol that minimizes packet loss and maximizes throughput. It also leverages AWS's global network infrastructure to ensure optimal routing and delivery of data packets.
    • High availability: AWS Infinidash automatically detects and recovers from failures at any layer of the network stack. It also scales up or down based on demand without affecting performance or availability.
    • Secure communication: AWS Infinidash encrypts all data in transit using AES-256-GCM with ephemeral keys. It also supports mutual authentication using X.509 certificates or OAuth tokens.
    • Flexible configuration: AWS Infinidash allows you to customize various aspects of your network connection such as bandwidth limit, packet size, timeout value, retry policy, etc. You can also use tags to group and manage your connections.

    How does Cado Integrate with AWS Infinidash?

    Cado Security has developed a new feature within its platform that allows users to import data from AWS Infinidash into our platform for forensic analysis and incident response. This feature works using the Infinidash Exec to retrieve key logs, disk and memory data from Infinidash.

    You can then use our powerful tools such as timeline analysis, file extraction, hash matching, and threat intelligence to investigate and respond to any potential incidents involving your Infinidash data.

    How to Get Started

    If you are interested in trying out this feature, you can request a demo or sign up for a free trial.

    We hope you find this feature useful and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions. We’re also hiring engineers to improve our Infinidash integration - see all open positions on our careers page. 5+years experience with Infinidash is required.

    Happy April Fools' Day! :))

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