Use Cases

We built Cado to help security teams make a measurable impact. Explore a few of our customer use cases to see how other teams are benefiting from the first cloud-native digital forensics platform

How Customers Use Cado

Here are a few ways our customers are using the Cado Response platform to advance their mission.

Cloud Forensics

Cado Response makes it easy to conduct forensics investigations across complex and expansive cloud environments. Whether you have a single or multi-cloud approach, or your investigation spans countless regions, systems and accounts, Cado Response reduces data capture and processing time from days to minutes and delivers a centralized and organized view of incident data, so analysts can immediately visualize the scope and conduct a proper investigation in aggregate.

Container Forensics

Cado Response is the only solution that enables enterprises to conduct forensic capture, processing and investigation of container environments and autoscaling groups. The dynamic and ephemeral nature of these resources means they grow, shrink and recycle data in a way that makes it almost impossible for security experts to investigate a potential breach. With Cado Response, data collection is automated so that security teams can capture incident data before it’s gone.

Cloud Threat Hunting

Cado Response empowers analysts to incorporate forensics techniques into their threat hunting practice in scenarios where an agent-based detection solution can’t be deployed. For example, organizations often have zero visibility across high-availability production systems because deploying a collection agent can risk downtime. However, because Cado Response is completely agentless, analysts can perform hunts across top cloud assets while ensuring zero production impact.

What Security Experts Are Saying

- DFIR Team Lead, Fortune 500 US Insurance Company

We have a cloud team that takes countless manual steps to capture and process forensic data…I can’t wait to go to them and tell them I can do this in just a few clicks!

- Matt Georgy, CTO at Redacted

We use Cado Response to level the playing field by enabling our analysts to move faster than the attackers in investigating malicious activity in the cloud. Cado’s platform is not only modern and scalable, but it also can ensure all legal and regulatory compliance standards have been met.

- Digital Forensics and Incident Response Manager, Top Cyber Security Consulting Firm

The fact that I no longer have to wait 24 hours to start a forensics investigation is game changing.

- DFIR Director, Top Five Global Consulting Firm

Cado is the only solution I know that supports Kubernetes and cloud. They’re changing the way we do forensics.

- CISO, Top Five Financial Institution

We’ve invested a lot in containerization. From a management perspective, it’s great. From a security perspective, I have zero visibility.

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