Respond Faster
  • You significantly reduce the financial and legal risks of a security breach when you respond faster.

  • Cado Response can automatically raise business risks and issues to an analyst, so they can escalate quickly to management and ensure you meet mandatory breach notification deadlines.

  • Our Patent Pending, Response Platform, takes the complexity out of cloud and helps you focus on whats most important.

Secure Evidence
  • Empower your analysts to find the true root cause of a security incident. Cado Response provides detailed detection for malicious files, suspicious events, PII, and financial information.

  • Every file on disk and log you capture is indexed and inspected to accelerate analysis.  The human-readable timeline of key events empowers analysts of all skill levels to pivot faster and dig deeper.

Automate Analysis
  • Cloud systems disappear quickly. Automated data collection allows you to secure incident data safely before it is gone.

  • The Cado Response platform removes the need for physical intervention and allows a global workforce to work remotely and collaboratively.