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    Solution Brief

    SentinelOne & Cado Security

    Cado Security and SentinelOne have joined forces to help organizations investigate and respond to incidents faster.

    Breadth & Depth

    When it comes to attack containment, time is of the essence. Security teams need to be able to dive deep to determine root cause and scope as soon as malicious activity is detected. SentinelOne Singularity provides the broad visibility required to deliver the breadth organizations need to detect malicious activity as soon as it occurs. Cado Response automates the process of capturing essential forensic data and historical context that adds depth to an investigation.

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    Integration Benefits

    • Respond to breaches faster: Rapidly perform in-depth incident investigations to minimize time to respond.
    • Add depth to your investigation: Dig deeper with rich historical context enabling you to quickly identify root cause and understand the full impact of breaches.
    • Gain complete visibility: Combine broad threat detection with deep investigation capabilities across your entire environment - on premises, hybrid, and cloud.
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    At Cado, we leverage the cloud in a way that allows for automation and rapid processing, removing many of the complexities associated with DFIR. We are thrilled to partner with SentinelOne to deliver the data and context security teams need to quickly identify the root cause of incidents and enable faster response.

    James Campbell

    CEO & Co-Founder, Cado Security