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    Solution Brief

    CrowdStrike & Cado Security

    When it comes to attack containment, time is of the essence. Augment your real-time threat detection platform with forensic-level detail and context from CrowdStrike and Cado Security to identify root cause, understand the impact of incidents and respond faster.

    CrowdStrike & Cado Security Join Forces

    Once you’ve identified something malicious, the clock starts ticking. The business needs answers fast, and in many cases, you need to perform a deep dive investigation leveraging forensic data to understand the true root cause and scope of an incident. However, it can be extremely manual and time consuming to gain access to all the data you need to understand what happened. This is where the Cado Platform comes in. The Cado Platform natively integrates with Crowdstrike Falcon to automatically deliver forensic-level context and depth to augment incident investigations and accelerate response.

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    Integration Benefits

    • Respond faster: Rapidly perform in-depth incident investigations to minimize time to respond.
    • Add depth to your investigation: Dig deeper with rich historical context enabling you to quickly identify root cause and understand the full impact of breaches.
    • Simplify forensic analysis: Eliminate tedious investigative tasks and get the answers you need without using complex scripting and queries.
    • Gain complete visibility: Combine broad threat detection with deep investigation capabilities across your entire environment - on premises, hybrid, and cloud.
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    The collaboration between CrowdStrike and Cado Security empowers security teams with the comprehensive capabilities required to quickly identify, analyze, and address incidents, setting a new standard for speed and effectiveness.

    Chris Doman

    CTO & Co-Founder, Cado Security