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    Mandiant Partners with Cado Security to Deliver Cutting-Edge Cloud Incident Response Services to Global Enterprises

    Today we are excited to announce that Mandiant has partnered with Cado Security to deliver cutting-edge cloud incident response services to global enterprises. Being impacted by an incident is a ‘when’, not ‘if’ situation, and Mandiant customers need quick and accurate answers. This is especially important in context of the growing number and scope of incident reporting requirements across the world. In order to navigate the evolving threat landscape and intricate dynamics of cloud environments, service providers require modern technologies specifically designed for cloud-based scenarios.

    Joint Offering

    The Cado Security platform is rapidly deployed in a customer’s environment to deliver essential context and depth that Mandiant incident responders can use to identify the root cause of incidents and craft an effective response plan.

    Mandiant IR Consulting Powered by the Cado Security Platform

    Key Benefits

    • Rapid Deployment: Deployment via a cloudformation template or terraform script happens in minutes. All collected data resides in the customer’s cloud environment to ensure unique data privacy requirements are met.
    • Better Understand Cloud Risk: Cloud challenges demand cloud solutions. Cado offers the speed, adaptability, and depth required to truly understand cloud risk. Cado delivers visibility even in the most complex ephemeral environments.
    • Reduce MTTR: Automation is applied to the end-to-end incident response process – from data capture to analysis. With Cado, Mandiant incident responders can determine the root cause and scope faster, reducing response times.

    By prioritizing speed, adaptability, and depth, the partnership between Mandiant and Cado Security addresses the challenges posed by dynamic cloud environments. Together, Mandiant and Cado Security empower enterprises to navigate the complexities of cloud security and reduce the time it takes to mitigate risks identified in cloud environments. To learn more about the joint offering, check out the joint solution brief or contact our team to see a demo.

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