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    Investigation & Response Automation Becoming Vital in a Cloud Security Strategy

    Cado Security just turned 4 years old. We've seen the way our customers investigate and respond to incidents in the cloud transform in those four years through a combination of improvements by cloud security vendors, cloud providers, and security teams.

    Security teams have realized that they can’t just focus on making sure their cloud environments are configured correctly, or that keys aren’t left lying around in the wrong places. While those aspects are important, focusing only on being able to prevent every incident leaves massive gaps that attackers can exploit.

    Protecting your cloud assets means adopting a much more comprehensive approach across preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to cloud incidents. You need to:

    • Identify and close the gaps
    • Monitor and protect running workloads from attack
    • Identify and contain the attack when it looks like it's going to impact the business
    • Investigate what went on so you can recover quickly

    This last part is vitally important to security teams, and that's why Gartner has coined the Cloud Incident Response Automation (CIRA) space, helping SOC and IR teams to define and manage automated processes for both cloud and on-premises systems, and integrating those processes into their overall cloud security approach. We've also seen the wider Detection and Response space “grow up”, with both Wiz's acquisition of Gem Security and improved native tooling from the cloud providers themselves showing the recognition of the requirement to thoroughly investigate and respond as well as proactively detect security issues. 

    That’s where Cado Security will remain focused in being able to ensure that security teams can use the power of the cloud to investigate every incident:


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