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    Grace Cassy joins the Cado Security Board of Advisors

    I’m honored to announce that Grace Cassy is joining the Cado Security Board of Advisors - we’re beyond excited to have her join the Cado team. Her unique perspective and insights will be invaluable in supporting the company’s rapid growth.

    Grace Cassy is the co-founder of CyLon, which invests globally in leading security and resilience startups. Prior to founding CyLon, Grace spent 10 years in the UK Diplomatic Service, working on global security policy in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Between 2004-6, she was an advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair, specialising in Asia and national security. She is also co-founder of Epsilon Advisory Partners, a strategy and growth firm working with world-leading global technology companies and investors

    I wanted you to hear from Grace herself, so I sat down with her recently and asked her a few questions. Here’s the full Q&A:

    Q. What excites you about Cado Security? 

    A. We’ve seen a lot of companies over the years and it’s rare to find one that combines the three key strengths we look for. First, deep industry experience on the team. Second, a product that simplifies a currently complex or manual problem.  And third, an ability to move ahead of the vendor crowd into a large market. Many good companies will have one or two of these, but Cado excites me because it has all three.

    Q. Given your extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, what strategic differentiation does Cado bring to the market?

    A. Investigation and response arguably hasn’t seen as much innovation as other areas of security in recent years. Cado has changed that, being first to market with an approach which empowers users to embrace resilience in the cloud.

    Q. You’ve known Cado since the beginning, in your opinion, what key elements have contributed to Cado’s rapid growth and adoption?

    A. There are some obvious strategic trends here, like increasing adoption of cloud (accelerated by Covid-19) and rising numbers of attacks and cloud vulnerabilities. The threat isn’t declining so smart users are building resilience and faster response into their strategies. Cado has got ahead of this trend, and is well-placed to help.

    And as a company, I’ve always admired Cado’s can-do and inclusive culture.  From early on they prioritized hiring of women, and I believe these values will serve them well as they grow. 

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