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    Cado Security's Cloud Forensics and Incident Response Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

    We are excited to announce that Cado Security has officially launched its platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. This milestone marks a significant step forward in empowering organizations to seamlessly perform forensics and incident response in Google Cloud and other cloud environments.

    Unlocking Unprecedented Visibility

    Cado Security's platform provides security teams with the ability to investigate and respond to threats identified in cloud, container, and serverless environments. The platform automatically collects and analyzes forensic evidence across cloud-provider logs, disk, and memory, offering unparalleled visibility into malicious activity.

    Effortless Deployment with Google Cloud Marketplace

    Google Cloud Marketplace simplifies the deployment process, allowing users to quickly set up the Cado Platform within Google Cloud. This means no manual configuration is required, streamlining the integration process for security teams.

    Key Benefits and Capabilities

    1. Depth of Data: Cado goes beyond traditional detection solutions, empowering security teams to better understand and manage risk across cloud servers, containers, and serverless environments.

    2. Automated Evidence Capture: The platform automatically collects forensic data immediately following incident detection, ensuring critical evidence is preserved for immediate investigation—an essential feature for ephemeral resources.

    3. Cross-Cloud Support: Cado unifies data captured across Google Cloud  Azure, and AWS in a single pane of glass, allowing security teams to seamlessly investigate and respond to threats in multi-cloud environments.

    Words from Cado Security's CTO and Co-Founder

    Chris Doman, CTO, and Co-Founder of Cado Security expressed enthusiasm about the launch: "Having immediate access to forensic-level detail in cloud environments is a game-changer when it comes to managing cyber risk. Cado is equipping enterprises worldwide with the means to perform efficient investigations and expedite incident response to potential threats. We look forward to supporting Google Cloud customers by providing them with the modern solutions they need to remain on the cutting edge of cloud security."

    Learn More and Get Started

    To access the Cado Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace, click here.

    To schedule a demo and see how Cado can help your organization respond faster, click here.

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