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    Cado Security Announces New Integration with CrowdStrike to Accelerate Forensics and Incident Response

    Today we're excited to announce the integration between Cado Security's cloud forensics and incident response platform and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to enable security teams to augment incident investigations with forensic data.

    Once security teams have identified malicious activity, the clock starts ticking. The business needs answers fast, and in many cases, a deep-dive investigation is required to understand the true root cause and scope of an incident. However, gaining access and collecting all of the data and forensic insights you need to effectively understand what happened can be an extremely time-consuming manual process.

    The integration between the Cado platform and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform addresses these challenges by enabling security teams to rapidly perform in-depth forensic investigations. The integration delivers the following capabilities:

      • Automated Forensic Data Capture: Get immediate access to forensic evidence and key incident details across systems of interest.

      • Broad Coverage: Seamlessly investigate incidents that span cloud, container and on-premises environments.

      • Expanded Threat Hunting: Incorporate forensic-level detail into your threat hunting practice.

      • Real-Time and Historical Context: Gain visibility into everything that has occurred on a system since it was installed.

    Available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, organizations can leverage the new Cado Security platform integration with the Falcon platform to automatically gain access to forensic data, adding depth to incident investigations.

    To learn more about the integration and its benefits, read the joint solution brief and press release.

    You can also check out the demo below, or contact our team for a personalized demonstration.

    Cado Security & CrowdStrike Integration Demo

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