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    Cado Introduces Support of SaaS Environments to Expedite Investigation and Response to Microsoft 365 Compromises

    Another very exciting product update! Today we are excited to announce that the Cado platform now enables customers to investigate and respond to Microsoft 365 compromises, such as business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), and insider threats. 

    Cado now supports the ability to acquire Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log (UAL), a critical data source when investigating and responding to M365 compromises, as it logs all activities users and admins perform in the different Microsoft 365 services. Within the Cado platform, security teams can seamlessly analyze UAL logs alongside other critical sources captured across on-prem and cloud environments to gain a better understanding of the scope and impact of malicious activity. 

    The Cado platform now supports acquisition of Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log (UAL) to enable rapid response to M365 Compromises 

    The Cado platform enables organizations to expedite incident response with the following key capabilities:

    • Single-Click data capture: Cado enables fully automated evidence collection across cloud, on-premises, and SaaS environments.
    • Parallel Processing: The Cado platform's patented cloud-native architecture enables hundreds of data formats to be normalized in minutes.
    • Automated Investigations: (i) Cado AI Investigator, powered by Cado's local LLM, delivers a high-level summary of an incident and automatically analyzes potentially malicious files; (ii) Automated timeline & root cause analysis, the Cado platform automatically pulls together an entire timeline of events to accelerate path to root cause and remediation; and (iii) Proprietary and third-party threat intelligence is leveraged to automatically flag malicious and suspicious activity so that security teams can quickly pivot their investigation based on critical events.
    • Single Pane of Glass: Organizations can better understand the impact of threats with complete visibility across their entire ecosystem. Cado can seamlessly analyze SaaS, cloud, container, serverless, and on-premises assets in a single platform. 

    For tips and best practices on investigating and responding to Microsoft Compromises, have a look at our latest cheat sheet. To learn more about Cado’s offering, contact our team for a product demo.

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