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    Adopting a Proactive Approach to Cloud Incident Response with Cado

    In our recent LinkedIn Live event, we focused the conversation on addressing critical aspects of incident response preparedness in the cloud. The session delved into the nuances of adopting a proactive approach, and understanding the unique challenges faced by security teams in responding to active threats in cloud environments. In short, the worst time to find out you're not prepared for an incident is when you're in the middle of an incident. The importance of ensuring your security team is prepared to respond is critical risk management.

    In case you missed the live event here's a recap:

    The session kicked off by highlighting the fundamental importance of incident response preparedness. The inevitability of incidents and breaches makes readiness crucial to any security program. The conversation swiftly moved into the core topic—how incident response preparedness in the cloud differs from on-premises environments. In the cloud everything is moving so much faster than it ever could in an on premise environment, leading to new challenges.

    Paul Stamp, VP of product at Cado, shed light on the intricacies of cloud incident response. He outlined the top challenges security teams encounter when preparing to respond to active threats in the cloud, among these challenges, the integration of container and serverless technologies emerged as a significant consideration, especially their ephemeral nature which can mean the resources are spun down before security teams have the chance to gather incident evidence from them, making an investigation impossible. Another key challenge raised was cloud complexity. Without deep cloud knowledge, it is incredibly challenging to secure the dizzying number of cloud services available and in use.

    Stamp also emphasized key recommendations for security teams navigating incident response in the cloud. These insights aimed to assist security professionals in prioritizing their efforts and effectively preparing for cloud incidents. A Key point he highlighted was the need for security teams to embrace automation to deal with the complexity of the cloud and free up valuable focus time for analysts.

    The discussion didn't stop there. As incident reporting mandates continue to evolve globally, the pressure on organizations to efficiently determine the scope of an incident in a timely manner has heightened. Particularly, the impending SEC "final rule" was highlighted, emphasizing its implications for organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries.

    A fascinating aspect explored during the session was how the cloud introduces both complexities and opportunities for adopting a proactive approach to incident response. The potential for streamlining forensics and incident response in the cloud emerged as an intriguing opportunity for organizations looking to enhance their response capabilities.

    Lastly, Paul Bottomley showcased how Cado Security is assisting security teams in adopting a proactive approach to incident response in the cloud. The session concluded with a demonstration of Cado's Incident Readiness Dashboard and feature set, illustrating how it enables organizations to continually improve their ability to respond efficiently to cloud threats. 

    Cado's Incident Readiness Dashboard

    If you would like to watch the Linkedin Live replay you can do so here, And if you would like to see the Cado platform in action for yourself you can contact us to schedule a demo here.

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