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    Automation Flips the Script

    Augmenting Real-Time Threat Detection with Modern DFIR.

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    When it comes to incident response, security teams need to move fast. However, using traditional DFIR approaches, it can take weeks to manually capture and process the data needed for a detailed investigation. While this window of opportunity between detection and investigation has historically given attackers an advantage, automation flips the script.

    SentinelOne and Cado Security have joined forces to help organizations detect, investigate, and respond to incidents with unmatched speed. Utilizing the power of automation, the SentinelOne and Cado Response combined solution ensures security analysts can dive deep to determine root cause the moment they are alerted of malicious activity.

    View the webinar for a live demonstration of the SentinelOne and Cado Response integration and to learn how: 

    • The power of automation transforms the way DFIR investigations are performed — from collection to analysis
    • Leveraging the cloud for data processing radically minimizes time to evidence across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments
    • The combination of XDR + modern DFIR helps security teams quickly identify root cause, determine incident scope, and respond faster