Cado Host

Cado Host is a solution to acquire forensic artefacts from systems, into cloud storage. This will allow an analyst to perform a quick triage investigation of the target system.

We are releasing it free to the security and digital forensics community.

Cado Host collecting Forensic Artefacts
The files collected by Cado Host

Cado Host supports uploading to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage. It also supports storing captured files locally.


We have released Cado Host under our Freeware License.

For FAQ’s and details on how to use Cado Host please see our Documentation.

You can view the list of forensic artefacts collected by Cado Host here.


0.9 – This software is currently in Beta, and currently supports;

  • Linux: Debian: 9+, Ubuntu: 16.04+, Fedora: 29+, centOS: 7+, RHEL: 6+, openSUSE: 15+, SUSE Enterprise (SLES): 12 SP2+, Alpine: 3.10+
  • macOS: 10.13+
  • Windows: 7, 8.1, 10 (1607+) and Server 2012 R2+


We would love to hear any feedback you might have. Whether it be bug reports, feature suggestions or other comments. We will be looking to release an updated version with additional features and a later operating system build, so watch this space.

Please contact us to let us know.

You can also use our dedicated issue tracker for both feature requests and issues.

Cado Host was made possible thanks to a number of supporting applications, and testers – you can view them on the acknowledgements page.

It’s not all we’re building

Find this cool? We have another set of tools coming your way free to use for the community.

We are also busy building a cloud-native forensics and response platform for responding to security incidents.

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