Cado Live is an all in one solution to forensically image local system drives into the cloud.

We recommend creating the USB image with Rufus on Windows, and UNetBootIn on Linux or OSX.

The ISO file as is can also be used in virtual machine environments.

The MD5 file-hash is 70fb0d32c683fce2251b80e2ad425ce6.

Cado Live was made possible thanks to a number of supporting applications, and testers – you can view them on the acknowledgements page.

Easy To Deploy

Just image Cado Live to a USB disk and boot it on the target system. You can then upload forensic copies of systems directly to cloud storage.


Cado Live currently supports Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Freeware License

We are releasing Cado Live free to the security and digital forensics community.

We have released Cado Live under our Freeware License.


We would love to hear any feedback you might have.

Please contact us to let us know any feedback you might have.