Community Edition

Investigation and Response at Cloud Speed

Is your incident response process too complicated and too slow?
We’re here to help!

Introducing the free Cado Community Edition!

The Cado Community Edition leverages the scale and speed of the cloud to simplify deep-dive investigations. With the free community edition, data can be processed in minutes compared to days when using traditional methods. Stop wasting time, money, or effort. Achieve forensic-level detail without forensic-level effort. Only Cado empowers the security community to investigate and respond at cloud speed.

Built for security and incident response professionals

Cado Community Edition Capabilities

  • Take advantage of rapid, parallel data processing
  • Navigate files and folders
  • View a timeline of activities performed on the system
  • Analyze captured artifacts for threats and indicators of compromise
  • Easily pivot and search across captured evidence

The Cado Community Edition supports cloud-based processing and analysis of the following data types:

  • Disk images captured in DD format including compressed .GZ DD disk images
  • Exports of triaged items in ZIP format, including exports from open source forensics tools such as KAPE and Velociraptor
  • Sample data regularly published by Cado Security

An Opportunity For Learning

Cado Security regularly publishes sample data as part of its Capture The Flag challenges. This data can be easily imported into the Cado Community Edition for the purpose of educating incident responders on how to investigate attacks on cloud, container-based, and serverless systems.

Deploy the Cado Community Edition Today!

The Cado Community Edition can be installed quickly and easily within your AWS environment through a predefined CloudFormation Template. At this time the Cado Cado Community Edition is only available on AWS, but stay tuned!

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